Archi Corner

The interior is the design of the composition and organization of the floor, ceiling and walls in an architectural space.

Interior design or interior architecture is an architectural design discipline that is carried out in a massive and concrete architectural space, which is proof that creativity is in its essence a connecting element between great architecture and small design. Between small architecture and great design. Between equally great architecture and design. It depends on the eye of the beholder.

The Archi Corner is a specially designed and arranged showroom of the Design District in Rovinj, where for the first time in the region renowned architects and interior designers will be presented. Their mission is to change and design interiors. The interiors should be exploited, comfortable, personalized, modern, practical, special, appropriate…. In any case, why would any one of us laics try to intervene in space when architects and interior designers are a simpler solution. In the Archi Corner you will have a chance to meet them, talk to them, get free tips on how to arrange your interiors, learn a bit about colours, shapes and laws of design.

Become an Exhibitor in the Archi Corner
If you are an architect or an interior designer and would like to get even closer to your investors, you will not want to miss the opportunity of presenting yourself in a unique exhibition area.
The Archi Corner exhibition area consists of presentation spaces, with surface areas of 12, 15 and 18 m2. The area is completely equipped with furniture of a renowned local brand, and there is the possibility of renting a screen. Carefully and professionally designed presentation areas are separated using dividing walls, ensuring their users have an opportunity for undisturbed business talks. You can choose the ambience and the furniture yourself according to suggestions made by our architects: lounge sofas and armchairs for a relaxed working environment; work table with several chairs for serious business talks or a combination – you can design your own exhibition space using the offered furniture.
You can spend two or four days of the Fair in the Archi Corner and set up meetings in advance using the B2B application.

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